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“Give it Everything” Brand Wins for Warranty and Cost-of-Ownership Value

  • Kia receives Best Popular CPO Warranty award for fourth year in a row
  • Kia is now a two-time winner in the Best Popular Brand Used Ownership Costs category

IRVINE, Calif., December 17, 2020 – Kia Motors has won two out of three awards in the Popular Brand Category in the 22nd annual IntelliChoice Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Awards.  The Korean brand known for value, quality, and craftsmanship, was honored for Best Popular CPO Warranty and Best Popular Brand Used Ownership Costs.  IntelliChoice is a leading provider of automotive cost and value analysis and part of the MotorTrend Group.

“We’re proud to be recognized by IntelliChoice for our CPO program as it is an important component of Kia’s overall commitment to our customers,” said Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia Motors America, Kia Motors North America. “Similar to our new car offerings, it is our aim to provide the highest quality, best warranty, and lowest cost-of ownership for every pre-owned vehicle we sell.”

Kia has now won the Best Popular CPO Warranty award for four consecutive years. Kia’s CPO warranty provides coverage for 10 years/100,000 miles from the original in-service date, whichever comes first, and an additional one year/12,000 miles of Platinum Coverage beginning at time/mileage of CPO purchase.  Kia’s win of the Best Popular Brand Used Ownership Costs award for 2021 makes it a two-time winner in this category. 

For the CPO car awards, IntelliChoice evaluates 26 manufacturer-backed programs in two categories—Premium and Popular—based on overall market position and vehicle price range. Key components analyzed include extended manufacturer warranties, used car ownership costs, inspection process comprehensiveness, and special financing incentives. Overall, nine areas are assessed.  Furthermore, this year consisted of over 160 hours of research, 50 email surveys, the tracking of over 300 special financing and cash offers for CPO purchases, and the calculation of ownership costs for 6,572 vehicles.

“Congratulations go to Kia which continues to perform strongly in IntelliChoice’s annual CPO Awards, winning the 2021 Best Warranty Award and Best Brand Used Ownership Costs Award,” said IntelliChoice Analyst Debbie Eldridge. “This year’s CPO study revealed a 38% increase in the number of Excellent values for Kia over last year on a per-trim basis.  What this means is, this year, more Kias scored the highest rating possible in IntelliChoice’s Used Cost of Ownership analysis, sealing the deal on Kia’s Used Ownership Costs award and making the purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned Kia a wise choice.”

Sobre Kia Motors America

Kia Motors America, cuya sede se encuentra en Irvine, California, ha sido la marca mejor clasificada y es reconocida como una de las 100 mejores marcas mundiales. Kia es el "Socio automotor oficial" de la NBA y ofrece una gama completa de vehículos que se venden a través de una red de más de 750 concesionarios en los Estados Unidos, entre los que se incluyen automóviles y SUV orgullosamente construidos en West Point, Georgia.*

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About IntelliChoice

IntelliChoice, part of the MotorTrend Group, is the market leader in automotive ownership cost and car value analysis. Founded in 1986, IntelliChoice is committed to empowering consumers to make better purchase decisions by providing independent and essential automotive information and tools. Through the website, consumers can research, compare, and price new cars and the cost of ownership. 

* El Telluride, Sorento y K5 son ensamblandos en los Estados Unidos con piezas de origen estadounidense y mundial.

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