What's New 2012 - Sportage - LX, EX, SX

10/11/12 ID: 4492

Sportage - LX, EX, SX


  • Standard 17-inch alloy wheels (LX only; previously optional)
  • Low rolling resistance tires (LX only)


  • Standard UVO in-car hands-free entertainment and communication system package (EX and SX − deleted when Navigation option chosen)
  • New seat treatment (integrated new anti-soiling, anti-static, and antibacterial fabric properties) (standard on EX cloth only)
  • Added low washer fluid warning (with Supervision meter cluster only)
  • Added standard floor console and cup holder rubber mat
  • Added folding key (with keyless entry vehicles only)


  • Added rear suspension dynamic dampers and increased floor insulation for improved NVH performance
  • Added standard high performance dampers to EX

Fuel Economy (city/highway):

  • 6-speed 2.4L M/T FWD: 20/27
  • 6-speed 2.4L A/T FWD: 21/30 (HWY +1)
  • 6-speed 2.4L A/T AWD: 20/27
  • 6-speed 2.0L A/T FWD (Turbo GDI): 21/28 (HWY +2)
  • 6-speed 2.0L A/T AWD (Turbo GDI): 20/25 (HWY +1)